Ashby Apples News

Come join us in a delightful afternoon of apple picking.

Hours Of Operation

Open now till Oct 31st
(Weekends 9am - 6pm)
(Weekdays by appt.)

2004 Prices

$12 : 1/2 bushel
$6 : 1 peck
$3 : 1/2 peck
$2 : 1/4 peck


Varieties available in September:
MacIntosh, Macoun & Cortland.


Varieties available in October:
Red & Golden Delicious.



Saving The Orchard

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When Elia and Greg Pierce bought land on 390 Erickson Road to build a new home, they found out they had a fairly unusual back yard.

The Pierces discovered their yard was part of a 40-acre tract of apple trees that hadn't been cared for since owner Ed O'Neil, the largest apple distributor in New England, had converted the land for development.

O'Neil hadn't pruned or sprayed the apples in two years. The couple noticed the decaying trees were sprawling wildly and the apples they produced were soft and scabbed.

They bought the house and the 100 apple trees that neighbor it, deciding to save a part of the town's history and pick up a new hobby. Their trees, along with the 135 belonging to their neighbors, will be part of a business called "Ashby Apples," and should be ripe for the picking in early September.(full story)

Residents strive to revive orchard

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Ashby - In recent years, Ashby residents have taken an active part in preserving some of their cherished open spaces for posterity. Largely an agricultural community, Ashby farms flourished well into the 1970s and beyond. Even new residents to Ashby have taken on the role of land stewards, such as the preservation and renovation of the Ashby Stock Farm.
This year, three more newcomers to Ashby have taken on the challenge of preserving the town's past with a personal effort they hope will pay off, in more ways than one.
When Greg and Elia Pierce were looking for a spot to build a new home, they found a lovely two-acre lot on Erickson Road in Ashby. They were looking for a larger home they could afford, moving from Shirley where a comparable home was out of their price range.(full story)