Come join us in a delightful afternoon of apple picking.

Hours Of Operation

Open now till Oct 31st
(Weekends 9am - 6pm)
(Weekdays by appt.)

2004 Prices

$12 : 1/2 bushel
$6 : 1 peck
$3 : 1/2 peck
$2 : 1/4 peck


Varieties available in September:
MacIntosh, Macoun & Cortland

Varieties available in October:
Red & Golden Delicious.


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An all-purpose apple with a fine, white flesh and a mild, tender taste.

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Golden Delicious

A very sweet all-purpose apple.


The Macintosh is a tender, slightly tart, all-purpose apple that cooks down well when baked.


Extremely sweet all-purpose apple.

Red Delicious

This apple is sweet and mellow, great to eat out of hand or in salads.