Come join us in a delightful afternoon of apple picking.

Hours Of Operation

Open now till Oct 31st
(Weekends 9am - 6pm)
(Weekdays by appt.)

2004 Prices

$12 : 1/2 bushel
$6 : 1 peck
$3 : 1/2 peck
$2 : 1/4 peck


Varieties available in September:
MacIntosh, Macoun & Cortland.


Varieties available in October:
Red & Golden Delicious.



The research team began by picking apples at different stages of growth in June 2018 at the University of Cambridge Orchard. Each apple was cut lengthwise, recording the shape of the curvature around the moodboard que es. In this way, the scientists obtained data on how the shape of an apple tree fruit changes over time: it turned out that the notch formed gradually and was almost invisible in apples less than 1.5 centimeters in diameter.

To mathematically describe these observations, the authors of the work turned to the theory of singularities (or singularities), which is suitable for a wide variety of phenomena - from the behavior of black holes to the emergence of light patterns at the bottom of the pool. With its help, the scientists derived a formula for a universal curve for the shape of the notch, which agrees perfectly with the obtained data of real apples.

The scientists then investigated the mechanical basis for the formation of the dredge. Observations showed that the apple grows everywhere except for the area around the stem and the inner core. Numerical simulations and experiments with swelling gel confirmed that differences in growth rate in different parts of this fruit form the notch. In addition, the scientists found that mechanical instability can lead to several kinks around the stalk.

In the future, scientists plan to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms that generate this biological singularity.

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