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Over a 100 year ago, the Erickson Brothers started an orchard on a 40 acre parcel of their vast farm property, that extended miles on both sides of the road that now bears their name.

            In 1960’s the orchard was sold to the O’Neil family from Groton and remained a commercial orchard for nearly 40 years.

            In 2002, the orchard was sold to a developer who split the orchard into eight lots.  Two of the new owners, Shawn Zwicker and Phil and Paula Bogue combined their lots to form Ashby Apples.

            On a shoe string budget, using an old ATV and a hand sprayer, we began to bring the trees back to production after years of diseño ux ui.  In 2004 we opened for picking and sold our apples out of a screened tent.

            In 2006 we got “serious” about our apple venture and purchased a real tractor and built our present barn to house the equipment and to provide retail space for our apple store.

            Since then, we have added refrigeration, began producing apple cider, and now added cider donuts and other baked goods to our offerings.  Of course, Paula is always inventing new and wonderful flavored Jams and Jellies. 

            Over the past few years, Ashby Apples has been happy to support other local farmers and crafters by selling their goods as well.  They have included free-range eggs, produce, candles, soaps, maple syrup products and natural wool products. 

            Many of our patrons have told us tales of the stolen kisses and the stolen apples they have taken in and from our orchard in years past.  We are pleased to be able to preserve our small corner of the original 40 acre orchard.  We will remain your local, independent neighborhood orchard.