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The apple is almost the main Russian fruit, the owner and old—timer of any country garden and a regular guest of all fruit stalls. They are eaten fresh, endless pies, jams and jams, pastilles and compotes are prepared. An abundance of apples is available to us all year round, while there are such a huge number of their varieties that apple lovers have a place to roam. The main thing is not to get lost. We present our top of the most delicious and popular varieties of apples, which will help you make the right choice.

For the most part, it includes autumn varieties of apples. Unlike summer, they are perfectly stored and remain juicy and fresh for a long time. It is these varieties that we meet in stores all year round.

Golden Apples

The American apple variety, which has become one of the most popular in the world. Yellow fruits of medium size, neat, regular shape, matte, with a delicate skin, very sweet, fragrant and juicy. They are good in fresh or baked form, as well as in many desserts.

Apples Gala

These ruddy yellow-red striped apples of medium size are another fruit of foreign breeding, which has taken root well in our latitudes. It turned out by crossing one of the varieties of Golden apples and another sweet variety of Kidds Orange Red. Apples ripen by the end of September, but they can be stored until February, remaining dense and juicy. The taste is sweet, but refreshing, with a slight sourness and spicy anise notes. These apples do not darken for a long time in the section, so they like to add them to salads.

Apples Black Prince

The sweet variety comes from Holland with large dark red fruits of a rounded conical shape. Apples are most often of a uniform saturated color, with a dense glossy skin. The flesh is very sweet, with a slight sourness, fragrant and juicy. The harvest is harvested at the junction of September and November, while the apples are very well stored: they remain fresh even in the heat until January, and if special requirements are met, they lie until June. In cooking, it is used for dishes in which it is important to preserve the dense pulp after heat treatment.

Apples Caramel

This folk name of table apples Candy variety speaks for itself. Small sweet apples with tender flesh have caramel notes in the taste. The color of the apple is greenish-yellow at the base, with a pink-red ruddy cover. Moreover, the hotter the summer, the brighter and redder the apple. They ripen among the first, already in July, but, like all summer varieties, they are not stored for long. Therefore, such apples often go into homemade preparations: jams, compotes, etc. They are also good in pies and other desserts, as well as in unsweetened dishes.

Spartan Apples

The sweet variety is native to Canada. These apples are harvested in early October, and you can enjoy them all winter. Apples are small, purplish-red, sometimes even with a purple tint, elastic and juicy. The taste is very interesting, rich, but not cloying, with notes of melon.

Fuji Apples

This Japanese variety has conquered the whole world, and for a reason. Grown in a warm climate, these apples are filled with sweetness, honey taste and rich aroma. The fruits are medium-sized, rounded, ruddy, yellow-pink. These apples are perfectly stored and without special conditions, preserving juiciness and becoming even sweeter. When cooking, they do not lose their taste and aroma, so they are suitable for both cooking and baking.

Apples by Renet Simirenko

A very juicy and fragrant yellowish-green apple is one of the most popular varieties among Russian buyers. Another late autumn variety that is well stored until June. The apple is sweet, the flesh is tender, with wine, slightly spicy notes. Great for juice and other apple-based beverages.