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Planting a tree is not the most difficult task. It's easier than you think. But in order for the apple tree to give a good harvest, the fruits were tasty, large and ripened to the end, you need to plant strictly according to technology. In this article we will look at how to choose the right apple seedlings, a good time for planting and other technological features of the process.


Pay attention to the appearance of seedlings, their development and size. Annual seedlings, as a rule, do not take root. Two- and three-year-olds should be taken if there are no traces of pests on the trunk and roots, the bark looks healthy. It is also necessary to pay attention to the vastness of the root system: it should be branched, developed.

Important: choose seedlings without leaves. If they are dug up too early — before the leaves are dropped — then the probability of the death of the seedling is high. Water evaporates through the leaves, without constant feeding, such a seedling will simply dry out. We sell only those seedlings that fully meet all the requirements. However, in other stores and markets you can find low-quality goods. Once again: it is better not to buy seedlings with leaves.

There must be several massive branches, preferably the presence of thin shoots.

Also, pay attention to the growth. At least one and a half meters, but not too high. Ideally — as tall as you, this is the best option.

Let's summarize the results. What should be the ideal seedling?

Without damage and traces of pest activity.

It is quite tall, with developed branches and an extensive root system.

Without leaves and in the appropriate packaging.

We carry out wholesale deliveries of seedlings for horticultural associations and other business entities. We also sell seedlings at retail. Rest assured, we send only perfect seedlings to our customers.


It is advisable to store it in a ventilated, not too dry room, without traces of fungus and mold. There are no special requirements for the transportation of seedlings, the only wish is to try not to damage the plant.

In order for the plant not to die, the roots must always have access to water. It is not necessary to keep seedlings in buckets. Wrap the rhizome with a wet cloth and pack it in several bags. Polyethylene does not pass air at all, water will not evaporate. This package can simply be updated once a week, the seedling will feel comfortable.


The taste of apples, the degree of ripening, the size of the fruit, the precocity and growth of the tree itself depend on how much sunlight will fall on the plant. If you have a lot of trees in your plans, try to place them in rows: it is better to plant the tallest varieties closer to the northern edge of the plot, the low ones — to the south. Then the sun will evenly illuminate all the trees, and they will not overlap each other.

Choosing the right place is one of the most important preparatory stages. It is necessary to create enough space for the root system of the apple tree. The recommended norm is 3 meters from the border of the plot, 4 meters from another tree. Note that with some trees, the apple tree will not take root well. Next to apricots, cherries and mountain ash, it is better not to plant.


The climate in the Leningrad region is not very mild. Summer comes late, so the apple tree, like other fruit trees, will not be planted until mid-May. In particular, try to plant at the highest possible temperature and a favorable forecast of weather forecasters. We recommend planting at a temperature of at least 10-15 degrees, so that the seedling will surely take root.

Strictly speaking, it can be planted at any temperature above zero. However, the warmer the better.


Pits for planting apple seedlings need not be too deep, 50-60 cm. The diameter is about a meter. Depending on the size of the seedling, these parameters can be adjusted, but not too much. For particularly high seedlings, you can increase the diameter and depth by 5-10 centimeters, for low ones — reduce by the same amount.

The bottom of the pit needs to be loosened, a drainage layer and a small layer of fertilizers (humus or mineral) mixed with fertile soil should be laid on top.

Important: the pit needs to be dug and fully prepared a few days before planting the seedling, ideally a week.


A few hours before planting, the apple seedling should be put in a container with water.

In the prepared pit, we install a support (from the south side), and at a short distance from it — a seedling. 5-6 centimeters from the support is enough. The roots need to be straightened, sprinkled with fertile soil (not too much, just a few centimeters) and lightly tamped so that the soil is not blown away by the wind and the roots are not exposed.

Immediately after planting, the seedlings should be watered abundantly, about 35-40 liters of water is needed for one tree. To do this, you need to make a deep enough watering hole, 3-5 cm wide and about 30 cm deep. Watering is performed once a week, in the first few months — in the same volumes. If it rains often, you can not water so often. But it is impossible to completely refuse watering.

After planting, you need to trim the branches to form a crown. This step will help to use the space more efficiently, give the tree a neat appearance. In addition, it will be more convenient for you to harvest.